Products & Services

TLB Industry Sdn. Bhd. is the precision die cut specialist who able to meet customers’ requirements by using various precision processes likes full punched, kiss-cut, bending, formed, perforated, laminated, small part assembly, etc

We offer complete floor to store services. From small runs to slit, die-cut, laminates, assembly and store in the clean and air conditioning environment.

We also offer added value services such as plastic assembly and one stop packaging services


We carry wide range of materials including

  • Sponge (PE, PU, EPDM, etc)
  • Rubber (Poron, EVA, PU, EDPM,etc)
  • Plastic (PET, PP, PC, Kapton,etc)
  • High performance plastic (thermal management pad, EMI shielding material ec)
  • Aluminums & Copper Foil
  • Felt, Mesh & Non Woven Fabric (FR grade)
  • Adhesive Materials (3M, Nitto, Sony Chemical, etc)
  • Pressure Foaming Packaging (PET, HIPS, PC, etc)
  • Fiber/Paper (Fish paper, clean cushion paper, etc)


We process a wide range of materials for various industries to meet protective, display, handling and ESD requirements in various environments. These include:

Mobile & Digital Devices Sector

  • Gaskets
  • Mesh
  • Thermal pad
  • Sheet adhesive

Semiconductor Sector

  • Lead frame spacer
  • Cushion paper

Electronic & Electricals Sector

  • Sound absorption materials
  • Rubber foot
  • Sealing & cushioning parts
  • Hang tabs

Car Multimedia Sector

  • Light diffuser foil
  • Curtain felt
  • Fish paper/fibre
  • Rubber foot
  • Sheet adhesive
  • Mechanical spacers
  • Speaker gasket

Medical Equipment Sector

  • Filter membrane
  • Fastener
  • Clean room spacer

Computer Sector

  • Foam end cap
  • Strip pad
  • Corner pad
  • Various packaging foam and one stop service


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