TLB Industry Sdn Bhd is specializing in providing precision die cut components for the semiconductor, electronics and electrical equipment assembly, mobile digital, automotive multimedia, speakers and computer peripheral industries.

We have hundreds of various materials in our store with experienced personnel to offer solution and alternative to customers, in order to serve their insulation, cushioning and packaging requirements.

Currently TLB Industry Sdn Bhd has customer coverage ranging from Asia Pacific to Europe and has hand-on experience with multinational corporations. While custom converting has become a crowded and competitive field, very seldom can one find a manufacturing partner with the experience, expertise, and reputation suitable to handle the complex product of today. Having encountered and flourished from increasing demands for cost reduction, quality improvement and rapid turnaround, TLB Industry Sdn Bhd Industry has distinguished itself from the rest of the competition. The company has attracted world class clients in the multiple sectors with its innovation, talent and customer care standards.

TLB Industry Sdn Bhd is ISO 9001:2015 certified and has complied to various environmental requirements including ROHS, REACH, PAH etc.


Our missions are:


To become the leading precision die cut components supplier in the semiconductor, electronics, computer, automotive and internet of things industries


To be customer oriented and technology conscious player in the industry


To be the expert with specialized materials and technical innovative converter

These missions enabled TLB Industry Sdn Bhd to work with customers hand in hand to face the challenging global market.



  • Flat bed die cutting
  • Laminating & combining
  • Prototyping and samples
  • Prototyping, samples & product development
  • Engineered solutions
  • SPC capabilities
  • Designs assisted using CAD systems
  • Parts supplied in rolls, sheets, pads or individual pieces
  • Scored & perforated convenience release liners
  • Clean Room converting and packaging

TLB Industry Sdn Bhd Quality Accreditations

TLB Industry Sdn Bhd has a quality reputation which is second to none within the converting/die cutter industry. This policy of quality first and always is enshrined in our manufacturing philosophy and remains a cornerstone of our company.

TLB Industry Sdn Bhd Industry employs qualified quality personnel experienced in the die cutter industry to ensure its existing reputation for quality continues to grow. We have an active training program for new recruits within our company

Existing Accreditations

ISO 9001: 2015

TLB Industry Sdn Bhd maintains the highest health and safety standards for its workers within a safe working environment.